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Apothecary Queen Bedroom Set B6300-Q-SET
Apothecary Queen Bedroom Set B6300-Q-SET
100% APPROVAL!!!
When They Say "No" - WE SAY YES!
100% of our customers are approved for financing regardless of your current or past situation or credit issues!

  • Bankruptcies
  • Charge Offs
  • Slow Pay & No Pay
  • Delinquent Loans
  • Divorce
  • Foreclosures
Get Approved Now!
Thank you for my amazing mattress!
We have not slept this good in years.
So very happy with our purchase & your customer service is amazing!
Please tell Curt & Matt at the Katy Store "Thank You".
Sending our friends your way!
- Amy Bryant Furbee

I just wanted to stop in and thank you guys!
I absolutely LOVE my furniture!
I could not be more pleased with the product.
My sectional is exactly what I wanted and fits perfectly in my apartment.
The bedroom set came together better than I could have imagined.
Definitely recommending you to some friends.
Thank you Curt and Jennie!
- Leslie Arbour

Our new bed is AWESOME!!
That we got from Mattress Clearance House.... Thank y'all for your help, we made it home safely and in time to set it up and climb in and catch some Zzzzz's!
- Frank & Kayla C

Easy; pictures with prices & descriptions. Called store,asked if in stock today...yes!! Tony said he would have 'guys' get it out & ready. OMG...almost drive-thru like fast food...!!! LOVE IT..!!
- Janet L

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We Have 7 Ways to Finance You!!

Option 1 (Good Credit) - We use Synchrony Bank (previously GE Money). It's our own Credit Card, takes about 5 minutes to apply and will allow you some great options like up to 5 Years with no interest and no money down! You will have to call the Store at 281-579-1411 to apply for this one over the phone or come to the store. Synchrony Bank does not offer an online application.  You can also go here to read more.

Option 2 (OK Credit) - We are using Regional Finance Corporation for customers that may not qualify for GE Money but are working towards a better credit report with 6 to 12 months of previous good credit history. This company takes a look at your recent credit history (not just your your credit score) and makes a decision based on that history. This is also a good option if you are young and have not established credit yet. Please call the store to have one of our finance personel fill out the application or you can print out this application and fax it back to us at 713-583-1738. Click here to print out the application.

Option 3 (Bad Credit-90 days same as cash OR Take up to 1 Year to pay) - We use several no credit check finance companies for this option but Progressive Finance offers a 90 days same as cash option that only costs you 6% of the finance amount and a $25.00 application Fee. This is a great option for someone with bad credit but has a job for at least 6 months and a checking account for at least 90 days. Also, you cannot have any NSFs on your checking account in the last 30 days. You can however have overdrafts just not NSFs.

If you are absolutely sure you meet the following No Credit Check criteria Click on the Link Below to fill out the form:

>For either of our Locations Click here for the Application 


Option 4 (Bad Credit-90 days same as cash OR Take up to 18 Months to pay) - This company is called Merchant Preferred and is very aggressive about Loaning Money. There is a $40.00 Processing fee but NO DOWN PAYMENT with this company.

Click on the Link (Image) Below to fill out the application:

Apply For Lease

Option 5 (Bad Credit-90 days same as cash OR Take up to 1 Year to pay) - This company is called Crest Financial and is similar to the other companies in that it also offers you a 90 days same as cash option that only costs you 6% of the finance amount and a $25.00 application Fee.

Click on the Link Below to fill out the application:

Click here for the Application

Option 6 (Bad Credit-90 days same as cash or up to 2 Years to pay) - This company is called Okinus. They have a lot of great advantages. Click Here to read more! You can have up to 4 returned checks or debits, with a minimum monthly deposit of $900.00. You must have an active checking account with your name on it that has been open for 30 days. With this company you do not need to supply a voided check but you must download and sign this form. If you make only $2,000.00 a month you will be approved for up to $2,600.00 with 24 months to pay it back. the biggest bonus to this company is they report to the credit bureau!!. Click here to fill out an aplication.

Option 7 (Bad Credit-No Checking account, and You Just started your Job) -If you do not qualify for Option 5 or 6 but have a job or at least can show a consistent income then you qualify for Why Not Lease. You can click here to read more about this program. Why not lease is a great option for someone with Bad credit and has a limited down payment. For example if you borrow $1,000.00 your down payment will only be $150.00 plus tax and you will get your furniture or mattress immediately. Please call the store to have one of our phone operators fill out the application. Call 281-440-1444 for the 1960 Location or 281-579-1411 for the Katy Location or 281-724-1979 for The Clear Lake location.

Or you are welcome to email us letting us know you would like to be contacted for this option. 

Option 8 - If we have tried all the other options and they do not work we will consider this option: